Power Psychological Services (PPS) are professional consultants who provide a wide range of clinical services including therapy for depression, how to overcome social anxiety, addictive disorders, and consultation for marital, family and school problems.   PPS offers a wide range of clinical, career counseling, and organizational development services.

PPS has been providing psychological services to the community for more than 5 years. We take pride in the quality of our treatment programs, the professional skills of our staff, and the warm and friendly atmosphere of our offices.


Since 1998, our staff of Licensed Professional Consultants has been assisting professional corporations dealing with personnel problems. PPS has developed many programs that satisfy the needs of our clients. Our team specializes in developing the program that fits the needs of our clients. We guide you through every step of the process of receiving the most appropriate, personalized, and effective care available to easy learn how to overcome social anxiety.

Psychotherapy and Counseling on How To Overcome Social Anxiety:

Sometimes referred to as “the talking cure”, both psychotherapy and counseling are dialogues between the client and psychologist. That is, psychotherapy and counseling are collaborative endeavors between the psychologist and the client in which the client discusses his or her difficulties, concerns, challenges, needs, conflicts and feelings in a non-judgmental climate of acceptance and support.

The psychologist offers the client clarifications, interpretations, empathy, information and an objective sounding board in a relationship, which puts the needs of the client first. The processes of psychotherapy are designed to help the client remove troublesome symptoms, change self-defeating or problematic behavior and promote personal growth and development like how to overcome social anxiety. Psychotherapy is usually considered to work on deeper problems, which may have their root in the individual’s childhood.

Counseling tends to be more here-and-now focused, and the psychologist uses a more instructive, active approach than is typical of some psychotherapy. At Power Psychological Services, the psychologists stay with mainstream, scientifically developed and proven therapeutic approaches. Our psychologists are well trained in a variety of psychotherapy and counseling approaches for a wide spectrum of problems and age ranges.

Psychological Testing and Assessment:

Psychological testing involves the use of reliable and valid paper and pencil questionnaires and the hands on manipulation of materials to help uncover the individual’s personality, psychological problems, intelligence level and aptitudes, vocational interests and so on. Psychological assessment is usually done through interviewing the client over one or two sessions to determine the nature of his or her problems and to develop a treatment plan.

Testing and assessments help the psychologist and client determine together what the nature and extent of his or her strengths and weaknesses are and what the best course of action would be.

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