Business Psycology

In order to create employee engagement, change and performance you must first understand your people, then build strategies and interventions that will create the conditions for success.

All too often, people or HR initiatives are launched that are based on fashion, or other spurious rationales. Even the notion that ‘best practice’ can be applied in any organisation is highly dubious. The intervention has to meet the needs and culture of the organisation.
People management initiatives need to be based on well-researched, fully developed insights and not on guesswork or the latest fad. Marketing have been doing it for decades, but HR lag well behind.

I can help you to create those insights, using qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

Do you want more motivated, engaged and committed employees?

First you have to understand them. Then, you can create the processes, structures and interventions that will push their ‘buttons’.

Sometimes you have to get beyond employee surveys and get employees to open up using in-depth interviews.

If you are to use a survey I can help to to customise it and measure motivations more comprehensively.

Do you want to solve a troublesome people issue?

A lot of people issues simply go unresolved, and those involved are given up on – perhaps even labelled ‘basket cases’. I can help you to gain fresh insights by getting ‘under the skin’ of even the most challenging people problems, and find lasting solutions.

Do you want to get more out of your people investment?

A lot of investment in people processes and initiatives is wasted either because they were not designed to meet a specific need (perhaps just to follow ‘best practice’), or were poorly implemented. I can help you to gain a clearer understanding of what’s really going on and to help you avoid waste.

Do you want managers that are better equipped to manage engagement, change and performance?

Sometimes, managers need frameworks, tools and skills that they can use effectively at work. Sometimes they just need confidence that they can use them, or a greater awareness of what is expected of them. I can tailor development a development programme to help create management capability, particularly around performance and change management.