Sport Psycology

I am only currently able to consider new clients in the Leamington Spa/Warwick area. If you are elsewhere and require help, try the sport psychologist finder at If you require a media comment, you can also post a request to the UK Sport and Exercise Media Exchange on iStadia and it will be sent directly to its members.

Professional Sport Psychology Services

In a world where medals are won and lost by hundredths of a second and championships decided on goal difference or marginal decisions, every aspect of sports performance has to count.

Do you have the mental toughness, the team spirit, the focus or indeed the creativity to make your performance count, particularly when under pressure?

What makes me different?

As an experience management consultant as well as a sport psychologist, I can help to improve performance of the individual performer, the team, or the organisation.

Individual Performance Coaching

Anyone with the physical talent can be brilliant on their day, but only a few are brilliant when they choose to be. That’s about having the mental skills to match your mindset with the demands of the situation.

What can affect your performance?
Many things have an impact, such as focus, emotions such as anxiety and anger, and confidence. These can be altered by changes in your environment, thoughts, or motivation. I can help you to gain greater control over these things.

Team Performance

If you want to create a high performing team, you need to create a team climate for the team to perform based on clear shared goals, roles and mutual trust.

I can help your team to work together more effectively by developing shared team goals, clearer roles and team spirit.

Organisational Performance Development

Systematically creating high performance isn’t just about having the structures and experts in place. The culture and climate in which an athlete performs is affected by management, coaches, parents and even the media. In other words, you need to develop the organisation that can develop the athlete.

My experience in consulting with World Class organisations means that I can help you uncover and manage the leadership and management issues that affect performance at a systemic level.

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